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Terms and Agreement for hire of campers 

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Ordering is confirmed by e-mail. The booking is not valid and car is not reserved until a prepayment has been paid on the rent, NOK 5000 to Oslo Bobilutleie as. Payment will be made to the account number found on the order confirmation. Possibility to use VIIPS, but only by appointment.

Payment / Rates

The balance of the rental amount is payable 21 days prior to pickup. If the rental amount is less than NOK 7000, the full amount is due upon booking. The cost of payment is covered by the tenant. If payment is not in the landlord's account within the time limit, the car is considered canceled and the landlord is free to rent the car to others. If you would like us to charge your credit card for the rental amount, it can be arranged. Credit card usage fees also apply. We can also make prepayments for autopass, gas consumption. The rental price is based on the fact that you do not drive over a certain number of kilometers per week / day. If you drive beyond this, an additional charge (see price list) will be calculated upon delivery.

In case of a dispute concerning payment, damage or otherwise, this must be dealt with in the District Court of Follo, 1400 Ski.


The deposit, which is equal to the deduction of tax damage, NOK 12,000, - Reserved on your credit card upon pickup. We accept Mastercard and Visa. NB: Cash payment is not accepted. Note that we obtain authorization from the credit card company at the time of acquisition. By payment with Visa debit card, it will be held by an amount equal to the deposit. If the car is delivered back to the agreed time and without damage, only additional costs such as toll, gas, chemicals, etc. are deducted from the credit card. If the car is damaged by the return, the deposit will be deducted from the amount of damage or deductible. In case of damage requiring the entire deposit to cover the deductible, additional costs as mentioned above must be paid in addition.

Delivery / submission

Deliveries and submissions are made by arrangement. Upon extradition, the car is examined by the tenant, and errors and omissions are noted in the agreement. When the car is returned, the car is also handed over by the tenant, and the tenant is obliged to report incorrectly immediately upon arrival or earlier. If the car is returned without being present, the tenant must photograph the car from all sides outside, and possibly take pictures for documentation of damage-free car. When the car is washed and prepared for the next tenant, damage can be detected. The landlord then informs the tenant of any damage that arises. The tenant must check the car carefully when the car is picked up. In case of late delivery, NOK 450 is charged per hour (unless otherwise agreed). The caravan should be returned by agreement and with a full fuel tank. A copy of the last fill is displayed. Gas is weighed out and handed in.


The tenant is responsible for all fines and control fees for parking etc on the car during the rental period. Parking fines and the like or illegal use of duty-free diesel, as the tenant has not settled, will be charged to the tenant in retrospect. Penalties for passing over the package without paying are also charged in the after-hours. In addition there is a handling fee of NOK 500, -.

Occurrence of accidents / injuries

After an accident and after fire, theft or damage to the game, the tenant shall immediately notify the police and the landlord via telephone

+ 47 934 84 829, and no later than the following working day after the accident date. Counterclaims are not accepted. The tenant shall write a detailed report to the landlord and attach a sketch, even in the event of insignificant damage. If the tenant leaves, for whatever reason, to write a protocol and if the insurance company does not want to pay for the damage then the tenant has a duty to pay for the entire damage repair.

The accident report must be fully completed and signed at the latest when the car is delivered back to the landlord. The report must contain in particular the names and addresses of the persons involved and any witnesses as well as the registration nimber of the cars

Tenant's liability, hull insurance

The landlord will exempt the tenant from liability in accordance with the principles of a hull insurance policy so that the lessee only pays deductible. In case of full-scale damage, the lessee must pay a deduction of NOK 12,000 per accident.

The current deductible can not be removed or reduced. In the event of theft or robbery, the motorhome's insurance covers only equipment belonging to the vehicle. It is recommended that the tenant draw own travel insurance to cover personal and personal items in the car.

Some of the motor homes are equipped with GPS tracker. (ABAX driving book).

The proportion of glass damage (not plastic windows) is NOK. 3500.

The waiver of liability in the above paragraph will lapse if the tenant has caused an injury intentionally or as a result of gross negligence.

In order to avoid cost increases in determining the cost of the damage, the landlord in case of accidental damage may first present the tenant for pattern bills for corresponding damage.

The car is undergoing a check before each rental. During the rental period, the tenant is responsible for the bus at to check / refill the required oil, water on the radiator, spray boiler, etc. We assume careful care of the car so that the ride is successful.

If the car is to be washed outside, only wash it. Windows and roof shutters must be washed with caution and plenty of water, as they can easily be matte and striped by improper washing.

In the toilet ONLY toilet paper intended for chemical toilets must be used. Other toilet paper can damage the septic tank.

All RVs are non-smoking.

In case of breach of the ban, a fee of NOK 12,000 is payable, - for extra cleaning and cleaning.

Dog is allowed in some cars. In case of breach of the ban, a fee of NOK 12,000 will be charged, - for extra cleaning. In a case that allows animals, a one-time fee of kr 1000, - for ozone treatment after use, as well as the delivery package 2, is required. Oslo car hire is not responsible if there are traces of allergenic substances in cars that must be free of charge.


If canceled within 60 days of the rental period, a fee of kr 1,500 will be charged. If cancellation occurs less than 60 days before departure, the fee is 5000. If cancellation occurs less than 14 days before the agreed rental period, 100% of the rental amount is invoiced. It is argued that you draw your own travel insurance. The rental amount may then be refunded via the insurance if the cancellation is due to illness or the like.

Damage of the car

Claims for damages from the tenant for defects for which the landlord is not responsible is excluded.

If there is a defect in the car or equipment after the rental period has begun, the tenant shall provide a written report to the landlord, no later than when he returns the car. Claims for damages due to later identified deficiencies are excluded, unless the basis for the claim is an obvious lack.

Accident Investigation

In case of damage or motor harness etc. on the reserved motorhome, and replacement car can not be obtained, refundable deposit and rent. Oslo Bobilutleie will of course help to get a new replacement motorhome. In case of failure / damage along the way, the renter will refund the rent for the number of days the truck is for repair but no delay in repair that is less than 24 hours. Derosom 2leietaker chooses not to spend time on repairs given no refund. If the error is demonstrable due to the tenant, no refund will be granted. Landlord does not compensate for lost vacation / work profit.

Several of the cars have road assistance in Falk car repair that applies in most countries in Europe.

NB! In case of damage, a complaint must be filled in with the car, and Oslo Bobilutleie must be notified immediately.

Autopass / winter tyre

The car is equipped with a car passport, and due to delays in Fjellinjan's visibility of crossings abroad, it can be kept kr. 1000, - of the deposit back up to 6 weeks after submission of the car. Bompasses are paid according to consumption. VAT added. Autopass package that applies in Norway, but does not apply to payment on ferries, and costs NOK 100 per day including VAT. This can be purchased in advance if you want a pricing. It is encouraged to pay passages abroad wherever possible. Especially the Øresund Bridge and Storebælt and Lillebelt in Denmark should be paid manually. Keep the receipts. The price of automatic passages is often charged with excessive weight limits and is often twice as expensive. VAT is payable. It is not allowed to set your own bombstroke. Then the load can come double. Piggy bank tax is the lessee responsible for even paying.


There are no quilts or pillows in the cars. Bed linen can be rented or brought. The beds / mattresses must be covered with the bed sheets if you use sleeping bags in the car. Zippers damage the mattresses.


In case of incorrect fuel refueling, use of red diesel must cover all expenses by the tenant.

Tenant / driver

The tenant / driver of the car must be 25 years old and be the holder of a valid driving license class B.

Is the driver of the car not the same we have registered and / or under 25 years, the deductible is increased 3 times in case of injury / accident. Additional driver / driver may be entered into the contract for additional charges.

This is not covered by the insurance:

When using awning, this becomes a big sail. If the wind is caught in the awning, there may be major damage to the car and awning. The insurance does not cover such damage, and it is encouraged to be careful with wind use and when you are not present. During the night it is recommended to roll the awning. Damage to the car and awning due to the use of awnings must be paid without the use of insurance.

Mandatory final cleaning.

Final cleaning is mandatory on all cars and includes exterior and interior washing of the car upon return. We flush the toilet and wash it, as well as empty the gray water tank. The car should be cleared and garbage removed, the floor swept and carpets shaken. You should do the cleaning of kitchen ware yourself. For extra dirty car there is one extra that is agreed upon submission. The price is NOK 1500.

Additional Rates

Inverter 350W/150W  - 12V to 230V Sinus

Rates - regardless of length kr. 150 / 200 - (sinus)

Included 1750 km pr week and 250 km pr day.Extra km beyond the agreed NOK 3,00

Propane NOK 57,50, - / per. kg

Bedlinen and towels/complete: NOK 500 p.p.(together with deliverypack 2 - NOK 400,-.)

Diesel, when the car is returned without a full tank NOK. 500 in fees.+ actual price per liter.

Receipt of the last refueling to be shown at relinquishment.

Sanitary pacage Fluid (for toalettank and special toilet paper for use with chemicals toiletts - NOK 145.

The Norwegian terms  is overrouling  this terms  if there is some differences.